Fuchsia Quiz: questions and answers

Fuchsia Quiz: questions and answers
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Fuchsia is a very bright and beautiful house plane. It is a very undemanding plant which is easy to look after that's why it is good for those who are the beginners in growing houseplants.

Fuchsia quiz includes some interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge about this flowering plant.

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1. Which kingdom does the fuchsia belong to?

2. In which place was the Fuchsia triphylla discovered?

3. Where is the vast majority of fuchsia species native from?

4. How many sepals does the fuchsia flower have?

5. How horticultural fuchsias may be categorized?

6. In the UK, how many cultivated varieties of fuchsia have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's of Garden Merit?

7. Where is the fuchsia apetala native to?

8. Where is the fuchsia excorticata native to?

9. What color are the petals of the fuchsia flowers?

10. Where is fuchsia campos-portoi native to?