Ganges Quiz: questions and answers

Ganges Quiz: questions and answers
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The Ganges is one of the deepest and longest rivers in South Asia. It is the holy river in the Hindu religion.

Ganges quiz consists of 10 interesting questions and answers about this river.

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1. What is Ganges River also called?

2. Where is Ganges River located?

3. What is the length of the Ganges river?

4. What is the depth of the Ganges river?

5. Which religion worships the Ganges river?

6. What is the "Indo-Gangetic Plain" geologically called?

7. Which major event of the Hindus occurs at the bank of Ganges River?

8. In which year was Ganges River declared a National River?

9. When did the government announce an integrated Ganges development project named Namami Ganga?

10. In which state does the Ganges divide into two rivers, Hoghly River and Padma River?