Geometry Quiz: questions and answers

Geometry Quiz: questions and answers
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Geometry is a field of mathematics that studies shape, size and relative positions of figures. Play the quiz and test your knowledge of this branch of mathematics.

Geometry quiz includes some interesting questions and answers about the stated topic.

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1. What is the number of sides in a hexagon?

2. Complete the order: Million, Billion, Trillion, _____ ?

3. What do you call somebody who works in the field of geometry?

4. Which of the following field is NOT an application of geometry?

5. What is differential geometry associated with?

6. What is a straight line or plane that touches the circumference of the circle at only one point called?

7. What is a triangle having its at least two sides equal called?

8. What is the square?

9. National Pi Day is celebrated on?

10. Who is the father of geometry?