Grand Theft Auto Quiz: questions and answers

Grand Theft Auto Quiz: questions and answers
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This series of computer games started far back in 1997 with the game simply called "Grans Theft Auto". Play the quiz and check what do you know about these games.

Grand Theft Auto Quiz includes 10 questions about all parts of the series. Try your best to get the highest score.

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1. Who are protagonists in GTA?

2. When was the first version launched?

3. Which company is the publisher of "GTA" series?

4. Who is the main character in "GTA: San Andreas"

5. Which real city is Vice City based on?

6. What is the year of the latest release of GTA?

7. Which platform was "GTA" initially created for?

8. When was the first Nintendo version of "GTA" released?

9. How many "GTA" games were released to 2019?

10. Which game in the series was the last of 2D era?