Greatest Architects of All Times Quiz: questions and answers

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Greatest Architects of All Times Quiz: questions and answers
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Architecture is a very important part of our life because we see it every time we go outside. The friendlier are our surroundings, the happier we are.

Greatest Architects of All Times quiz consists of 10 interesting questions about people who were trying to make our life more beautiful.

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1. Domenico Trezzini was the main architect in ...

2. Where are most of Antonio Gaudi's masterpieces located?

3. Which of these buildings was not constructed by Charles Rossi?

4. Which historical period do the works of Michelangelo Buonarroti belong to?

5. Which Michelangelo work is considered the world's treasure?

6. Where was Bartolomeo Rastrelli born?

7. Which title did Bartolomeo Rastrelli give himself to point out his exclusivity?

8. What was the style of Rastrelli works?

9. Which of these architectural works was not designed by Rastrelli?

10. What is the most famous work of Gaudí that is still unfinished?