Great Expectations Quiz: questions and answers

Great Expectations Quiz: questions and answers
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This is the thirteen novels written by Charles Dickens. It is considered the most famous writing of thу author.

Great Expectations Quiz consists of 10 fun questions and answers about the plot and characters of the novel.

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1. What century are the events of the novel set in?

2. How old is Pip when Magwitch return to life?

3. Where does Pip meet Matthew Pocket?

4. Where had Pip met Herbert before they became roommates in London?

5. What is the real name of Pip in the novel?

6. What is Mr. Trabb's profession in the novel?

7. Pip's rise in social status is taken credit by ___

8. Who helps Pip in his education from the young age?

9. What can Mrs. Joe's behavior be best described as?

10. Whose father was Mr. Magwitch?