Quiz: Guess the Capital of This Country

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Quiz: Guess the Capital of This Country
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One of the signs that you are excellent at geography is that you can easily, and most importantly correctly, name the capital of almost any country. And if you are not stumped, even the countries of Africa or South America, then your knowledge is at an ace level.

The Quiz "Guess the Capital of This Country" is extremely simple in its structure, what is called "without unnecessary words. The question is the name of the state, among the answers you have to quickly find its capital. How well can you do it? Test your geographical knowledge!

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1. Ireland

2. Serbia

3. Czech Republic

4. Japan

5. Azerbaijan

6. Turkey

7. Belorussia

8. Ethiopia

9. Poland

10. Albania

11. USA

12. Denmark

13. Netherlands

14. Ecuador

15. Turkmenistan

16. Croatia

17. Argentina

18. Venezuela

19. Cuba

20. Canada