Guinness World Records Quiz: questions and answers

Guinness World Records Quiz: questions and answers
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Guinness World Records is the greatest book of human wonders. The book includes both incredible and ridiculous records ever set by humankind.

 Guinness World Records Quiz includes fun questions with answers about the topic.

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1. Which year did the first "Guinness World Records" book get published?

2. Roughly how many people send applications to the Guinness World Records each year?

3. What year was the founder of the "Guinness World Records" murdered by the Provisional Irish Republican Army?

4. How many records does the man with the most records, Ashrita Furman hold?

5. Which year did President Obama make it into the book for reaching 1 million twitter followers in the least amount of time?

6. How many languages is the "Guinness World Records" published in?

7. What record does Queen Elizabeth II hold in the book?

8. Which of these is not one of the most frequently broken records?

9. How many records does the book itself hold?

10. How many countries has the "Guinness World Records" been published in?