Hamlet by William Shakespeare Quiz: questions and answers

Hamlet by William Shakespeare Quiz: questions and answers
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Hamlet is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of literature written by Shakespeare. It tells the story of the royal court intrigues of Danish rulers, the story of betrayal, love, and revenge.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare quiz includes ten interesting questions and answers to test how well do you know the plot of the tragedy.

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1. Where do the events of tragedy take place?

2. Who did Claudius murder to get the throne?

3. Hamlet is Shakespeare's ______

4. What did the ghost of the King told Hamlet?

5. How did Hamlet make sure that Claudius killed the King?

6. Who can see the ghost of the King?

7. Why does Ophelia go mad?

8. Who drinks the poisoned wine at the end of the tragedy?

9. How does Ophelia die?

10. Who challenges Hamlet to a fencing match?