Hanukkah Quiz: questions and answers

Hanukkah Quiz: questions and answers
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1. For how long is Hanukkah observed?

2. What is the Third month of the civil year on the Hebrew calendar known as?

3. How is the food eaten on Hanukkah traditionally prepared?

4. What is the name of the money given to children on Hannukah as part of a celebration known as?

5. Which game is typically played on Hannukah?

6. The unique candle with which all other candles are enlighted on Hanukkah candelabrum is called:

7. How many branches does the candelabrum traditionally lighted on Hanukkah have?

8. What is Zot Hanukkah?

9. What is the name of the traditional round jelly doughnut eaten on Hannukah?

10. Tevet is the winter month with how many days?