History of Film Quiz: questions and answers

History of Film Quiz: questions and answers
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Cinematography appeared at the end of the XIX century and became extremely popular in the XX century. Play the quiz and check how well do you know the history of this form of art.

History of Film quiz includes ten questions with multiple choice answers related to the stated topic.

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1. What is considered to be a breakthrough in cinematic projections?

2. When was the first film studio founded?

3. When was the first rotating camera created?

4. Who invented the 'close up shot'?

5. What was the common name for most of the films made in the 1900s?

6. What was the name of the first succesful permanent theatre?

7. When was the first successful permanent theatre made?

8. Where was the first succesful permanent theatre made?

9. Who invented the rotating camera?

10. When was Seidlitz powders released?