Home Alone Quiz: questions and answers

Home Alone Quiz: questions and answers
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Home Alone is a series of worldwide famous movies about the adventures of little Kevin who was left alone on Christmas. 

Home Alone quiz consists of ten fun questions with answers about movies of the series. Play the quiz and get your Christmas spirit!

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1. Who starred in the movie Home Alone?

2. What is the name of the main character?

3. What happens to the main character at the beginning of the movie?

4. How big is the McCallister family?

5. After the fight with Buzz, Kevin is sent to the 3rd floor for punishment and there he makes his Christmas wish. What is his wish?

6. Which nickname do robbers have?

7. Where does Kevin meet his creepy neighbor Marley, who is said to have killed his whole family with a shovel?

8. Who comes home first to save Kevin?

9. Who helps Kevin to escape from robbers?

10. Does Kevin tell his parents about what happened in the house?