Houston Astros Quiz: questions and answers

Houston Astros Quiz: questions and answers
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1. Where did the Houston Astros play their 2005 home games?

2. Who in 1999 was selected as the first baseman on the Houston Astros' All-Astrodome team?

3. In what place did the 92-70 Houston Astros finish in the 2004 NL baseball season?

4. Who led the 2004 Houston Astros in home runs?

5. Which Astros starter hit 316 in 2004?

6. Which MLB manager led the 2004 Astros?

7. Who in baseball got paid $18 million by the Houston Astros in 2005?

8. Which of these MLB players appeared in 159 games in 2000 for the Houston Astros?

9. What do the Houston Astros use as their logo?

10. Which of the following colors make up the Houston Astros team jerseys?