Once Upon a Time Quiz: How Well do You Know the TV Series?

Once Upon a Time Quiz: How Well do You Know the TV Series?
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The series "Once Upon a Time" is a magical story that has captivated us with its events for seven years. It premiered in 2011 on the American ABC channel. Today we offer you an interesting entertaining quiz on this fantasy series.

Once Upon a Time Quiz contains 10 interesting trivia questions with answers. How well do you remember its plot and main characters? Can you answer most of the questions correctly? Test yourself and have a good time!

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1. Who was the first person the Evil Queen fell in love with?

2. Who did Mary Margaret Snow White kill?

3. How many episodes in the series?

4. Who is Rumpelstiltskin's father?

5. Henry's first love is ...

6. Where was the first half of the dark dagger?

7. After whom did David and Snow White name their son?

8. What was Henry's job at the time of the last curse?

9. What is Emma and Hook's daughter's name?

10. Who played Emma Swan?