Hubble Space Telescope Quiz: questions and answers

Hubble Space Telescope Quiz: questions and answers
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Hubble Space Telescope is the big automatical observatory launched into low Earth orbit at the end of the XX century.

Hubble Space Telescope quiz contains some questions and answers to test your knowledge of the topic.

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1. When was the Hubble Space Telescope launched into orbit?

2. Which two institutes worked on the construction of the telescope?

3. Who built the computer systems for the telescope?

4. What is displayed in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum?

5. When was the first servicing mission launched?

6. When did the Hubble Space Telescope capture an image of a supernova which reappearance was predicted?

7. What was the supernova discovered by Hubble Telescope named?

8. What is the farthest known galaxy?

9. When was the discovery of the farthest known galaxy announced?

10. When was the image of Carina Nebula released?