Hubert de Givenchy Quiz: questions and answers

Hubert de Givenchy Quiz: questions and answers
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Hubert de Givenchy was a French fashion designer who founded the Givenchy luxurious fashion brand in the middle of the XX century.

Hubert de Givenchy quiz contains ten questions about the life and career of this incredible designer.

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1. Who was Hubert de Givenchy?

2. When did Hubert de Givenchy found the Givenchy fashion house?

3. Where was Givenchy born?

4. Who was Givenchy's partner?

5. Where did Hubert graduate from?

6. Givenchy's first designs were done for:

7. What was Givenchy's first collection called?

8. At the beginning of which move did Audrey Hepburn wear the famous long black dress designed by Givenchy?

9. What was Givenchy's first perfume collection?

10. Who owns the House of Givenchy nowadays?