Human Body Quiz: questions and answers

Human Body Quiz: questions and answers
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The human body is an amazing mechanism. Many processes happen every second in there to provide the life of a single person. 

Quiz on Human Body will help you to check your knowledge of the body you live in. 

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1. What percentage of water the adult male body is comprised of?

2. Cells in the body function because of

3. The human body consists of how many types of main tissues?

4. White blood cells are part of which system in the human body?

5. What is the name of the largest artery in the human body?

6. The brain and spinal cord are part of which system?

7. Information from the body is transmitted to the brain via

8. Trace elements in the human body are less than

9. How many vital organs the human body has?

10. The study of human body functioning is known as