Instagram Quiz: questions and answers

Instagram Quiz: questions and answers
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Nowadays Instagram is one of the most popular App in the world. It is not only social media, where people can share their photos and videos, but also a good business platform for bloggers.

Instagram quiz consists of interesting questions about the history of its development. 

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1. Which company owns Instagram?

2. When was Instagram launched?

3. How many active users are there on Instagram every day?

4. How many pictures can be added to a carousal?

5. What is the best performance indicator on Instagram?

6. What was the new element introduced in January 2011 to Instagram postings?

7. What is the percentage of users on Instagram who follow at least 1 business account?

8. How many photo filters Instagram has?

9. What is the name of the app to make videos that loop back and forth?

10. What is the maximum length of video possible on instagram?