IPhone Quiz: questions and answers

IPhone Quiz: questions and answers
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iPhone was a breakthrough in mobile phone technology at the time of the first generation release. What do you know about the history of its development?

iPhone Quiz includes 10 multiple-choice questions with answers. Try your best and get the highest score! Good luck!

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1. When was the first generation of iPhone released?

2. What was the common problem with iPhone 4?

3. Which company is the iPhone designed and produced by?

4. What is the operating system of the iPhone called?

5. Which model of the iPhone was released in 2013?

6. When were iPhone 7 and 7 plus unveiled?

7. What "i" in the iPhone stands for, according to Steve Jobs?

8. What was the first iPhone model with the OLED display?

9. What was the iPhone operating system known as iOS formerly called?

10. From the first generation of iPhone up to iPhone 4, iPhone models were manufactured exclusively by _____