Jack-o’-lantern Quiz: questions and answers

Jack-o’-lantern Quiz: questions and answers
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Jack-o’-lantern is the most significant and world-famous attribute of Halloween celebration. The tradition of making these decorations goes far back in Medieval times.

Jack-o’-lantern quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to test yourself.

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1. What is a Jack-o'-lantern?

2. Where did the tradition of Halloween Jack-o'-lanterns begin?

3. What are Jack-o'-lanterns used for?

4. When did Jack-o'-lantern appear for the first time?

5. Which natural phenomenon gives the name to it?

6. Who was "Stingy Jack"?

7. Which fruits can be carved for making Jack-o’-lanterns?

8. What was originally carved out in Jack-o’-lantern?

9. What did Stingy Jack do, according to the old Irish folktale?