Japanese Cuisine Quiz: questions and answers

Japanese Cuisine Quiz: questions and answers
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Japanese culinary tradition has an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. The staple foods of Japanese cuisine are Miso soup and rice, with an abundance of fresh vegetables and seafood.

Japanese Cuisine quiz includes ten questions with multiple choice answers about Japanese food.

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1. What is the name of the special dish which is packed in 3 tiered boxes and usually served on New Year?

2. "IIkizukuri'" in Japanese cuisine refers to _______

3. What is a layered egg omelet known as?

4. Which meat is Basashi made of?

5. What is Nikujaga served with?

6. What is Soba?

7. Which poisonous fish is popular in Japanese cuisine?

8. What is freshwater eel is known as in Japanese culinary tradition?

9. What are fish-shaped Japanese cakes known as?

10. What does Ocha in Japan refer to?