JFK Airport Quiz: questions and answers

JFK Airport Quiz: questions and answers
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JFK is one of the three main airports in the USA. It is the busiest international air passenger gateway to the whole continent of North America.

JFK Airport quiz contains several interesting questions and multiple choice answers about this airport.

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1. In which city is the JFK airport located?

2. When was the airport opened?

3. What was the JFK airport formerly known as?

4. How many terminals does the JFK airport have?

5. When was the Terminal 1 inaugurated?

6. With how many terminals was the JFK airport built?

7. How many runways does the JFK airport have?

8. How many doors are there in the Terminal 4?

9. When did the JFK airport receive for the first time an Airbus A380?

10. In which year was the Terminal 3 demolished?