Joanne Rowling Quiz: questions and answers

Joanne Rowling Quiz: questions and answers
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Joanne Rowling is a modern English writer most famous for the Harry Potter book series. She is one of the best selling authors of the XXI century.

Joanne Rowling quiz consists of 10 questions with multiple choice answers to test how well do you know the biography of the author.

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1. When was Joannу Rowling born?

2. Where was Joanne born?

3. Which is not one of Joanne's pen names?

4. What is Rowling's alma mater?

5. How many children does Rowling have?

6. When did she create the idea of Harry Potter?

7. What award did "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" receive in 2006?

8. When was Rowling's book "The Casual Vacancy" released?

9. When was the first book of Harry Potter series published?

10. What was the first book of the Harry Potter series?