Joseph Heller Quiz: questions and answers

Joseph Heller Quiz: questions and answers
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Joseph Heller was a world-famous American writer. He is most known for his satirical and absurd novel Catch-22. What do you know about the life of this author?

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1. Who was Joseph Heller?

2. What is Joseph Heller most known for?

3. When was Heller born?

4. Which of the following high schools did he study in?

5. At what age did Heller join the U.S. Army Air Corps?

6. When was Joseph Heller born?

7. Where did Heller study English?

8. In which of the following universities has Heller never worked as a professor of creative writing?

9. Which disease had been Heller suffering from?

10. Which of the following works was not a Heller's screenplay?