Kate Spade New York Quiz: questions and answers

Kate Spade New York Quiz: questions and answers
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Kate Spade New York is an American fashion brand of luxury clothes and accessories. What do you know about this fashion design house?

Kate Spade New York quiz includes some interesting questions and answers about the history of the brand.

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1. What is "Kate Spade New York"?

2. When was "Kate Spade New York" founded?

3. What is the name of the Kate Spade line for men?

4. Which company owns Kate Spade New York?

5. Who was Kate Spade married to?

6. Where is the Kate Spade New York headquarters located?

7. What is the product Kate Spade also produces?

8. When was Kate Spade & Company was completely sold?

9. How much does a Kate Spade New York bag cost?

10. When did Kate Spade sell her first bag?