Kevin Smith Quiz: questions and answers

Kevin Smith Quiz: questions and answers
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Kevin Smith is an American actor, screenplay writer, producer, and filmmaker. He is most famous for playing Silent Bob in movies of View Askewniverse.

Kevin Smith quiz consists of some fun questions about the biography of this famous comedian.

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1. Who is Kevin Smith?

2. Where is he from?

3. Which movie has made Kevin rise to fame?

4. What is the name of Kevin's comic book store?

5. When was "Clerks" screened at the Sundance Film Festival?

6. Who starred in Kevin's movie "Dogma"?

7. What is the name of the horror movie that Kevin directed in 2013?

8. Why has Kevin canceled "Clerks III"?

9. What is the favorite sport of Kevin?

10. When did Kevin marry to Jennifer Schwalbach?