Lacoste Quiz: questions and answers

Lacoste Quiz: questions and answers
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Lacoste is a famous French fashion house that designs clothes, shoes, perfumes, and accessories for young and active people.

Lacoste quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about this company.


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1. When was Lacoste founded?

2. Who is the founder of Lacoste?

3. Which company bought Lacoste in 2012?

4. Which year was Izod Lacoste partnership ended?

5. Who became the president of Lacoste after Bernard Lacoste?

6. Lacoste introduced their very first e-commerce site for the U.S. market in:

7. Where did Lacoste open their first flagship store?

8. Who became the brand ambassador of Lacoste in 2017?

9. In which year was Lacoste a subject of Dirty Laundry?