Lambic Quiz: questions and answers

Lambic Quiz: questions and answers
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Lambic is a type of Belgian beers that is made by spontaneous fermentation in old wine barrels. The special technology of brewing gives this beer a unique vinous and dry flavor.

Lambic quiz consists of ten interesting multiple-choice questions with answers.

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1. What is lambic?

2. Where is lambic from?

3. What is the malt percentage in lambic?

4. Kriek lambic is a style of Belgian beer, made by fermenting lambic with:

5. A mixture of young (one-year-old) and old (two- and three-year-old) lambics that have been bottled is called:

6. What is the name of the Belgian council of lambic beer breweries and blenders?

7. How many bottles of beer does the Cantillon Brewery produce annually?

8. When was the Belle-Vue Brewery founded?

9. What is a coolship?

10. How many microorganisms have been identified in lambic?