Lion King Quiz: questions and answers

Lion King Quiz: questions and answers
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Lion King is one of the most popular Disney's cartoons. It was originally released in the 1990s and became so popular that the studio decided to remake it as a movie.

Lion King Quiz with questions and answers related to this animated movie is a great way to refresh your knowledge and learn something new.

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1. When was The Lion King movie released?

2. What is the name of the main character of the movie The Lion King?

3. How many Academy Awards did the original The Lion King win?

4. What is Zazu's official title in the movie The Lion King?

5. What is Simba’s mother’s name?

6. Which area is Simba forbidden from going to?

7. What does Hakuna Matata stand for?

8. What type of animal is Zazu?

9. What was the earlier title of the movie The Lion King?

10. What is Simba’s father's name?