Lo-fi Music Quiz: questions and answers

Lo-fi Music Quiz: questions and answers
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Lo-fi is a genre of indie music which is characterized by the low quality of audio recordings. What do you know about this genre?

Lo-fi Music quiz includes ten interesting questions and answers about the topic.

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1. What does "lo-fi" stand for?

2. When did Lo-fi begin to be recognized as a style of popular music?

3. WFMU DJ William Berger is usually credited with popularizing the term Lo-fi in which year?

4. When was the term "lo-fi" added to the Oxford dictionary?

5. When did William Berger's weekly half-hour radio show on the New Jersey-based independent radio station, WFMU, titled "Low-fi" started?

6. What is Lo-fi music also known as?

7. Which album did The Beach Boys release in 1967?

8. Who introduced Portastudio in 1979?

9. Who of the following is not the lo-fi pioneer?