Lollapalooza Quiz: questions and answers

Lollapalooza Quiz: questions and answers
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Lollapalooza is an annual musical festival that had originated by Perry Farrell as a farewell tour of Jane's Addiction band and later became one of the most significant musical event.

Lollapalooza quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about this festival.

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1. When did the first Lollapalooza take place?

2. What is Lollapalooza?

3. What does the word "lollapalooza" mean?

4. In which period the festival was hot held due to decreasing of its popularity?

5. What band was the inspiration for Lollapalooza?

6. What is the main musical genre Lollapalooza is recognized for?

7. Where did Lollapalooza take place in 2005?

8. Which singer was the creator of Lollapalooza?

9. Where does Lollapalooza take place?

10. Where did the biggest Lollapalooza take place?