Lyndon B. Johnson Quiz: questions and answers

Lyndon B. Johnson Quiz: questions and answers
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Lyndon B. Johnson was the 37th American President. Play the quiz and check what do you know about this American politician!

Lyndon B. Johnson quiz includes some multiple-choice questions with answers to test yourself.

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1. When was Lyndon B. Johnson born?

2. When did Lyndon die?

3. When did LBJ appoint the first African American justice?

4. What was Lyndon B. Johnson serve as in the U.S. Naval Reserve?

5. What was his rank as a president?

6. Who was the successor of LBJ?

7. When was the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston renamed?

8. Where is Johnson's favorite bible verse taking from?

9. When did LBJ sign the Gun Control Act of 1968?

10. Who was LBJ's Secretary of State?