Major Lazer Quiz: questions and answers

Major Lazer Quiz: questions and answers
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Major Lazer is a trio performing EDM. It was originally founded by Diplo and Switch. Do you know much about this project?

Major Lazer quiz contains 10 questions and answers about this trio.

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1. When Major Lazer was founded?

2. When Major Lazer released "Guns Don't Kill People..Lazers Do"?

3. Which album was released in 2015?

4. In which video game was used Major Lazer's track 'Hold the line'?

5. Who acted in the music video called "Zumbie"?

6. Who left the Major Lazer in 2012 to pursue religion?

7. When was the album 'Free the Universe' by Major Lazer released?

8. Who was never a part of Major Lazer?

9. Who was Major Lazer originally formed by?

10. Which album was released in 2018?