Mardi Gras Quiz: questions and answers

Mardi Gras Quiz: questions and answers
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Mardi Gras is the last Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday when Great Lent starts. This holiday is celebrated with a big carnival.

Mardi Gras quiz includes several interesting questions and answers about the holy celebration.

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1. What is NOT one of the names that Mardi Gras is referred to as?

2. When does the carnival season traditionally start in Germany?

3. When was the Nice Carnival established according to the records?

4. What is the celebration called in Sweden?

5. When was the first Mardi Gras observed in New Orleans?

6. What did Iberville name the area in honor of Mardi Gras?

7. What do Belgian men do on Voil Janet?

8. In which city is the main Mardi Gras carnival happen in Brazil?

9. Which festival is held annually in Ivrea, Italy?

10. What is the traditional Mardi Gras food in Russia?