Mark Twain Biography Quiz: questions and answers

Mark Twain Biography Quiz: questions and answers
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What do you know about Mark Twain? Do you want to test your knowledge and learn a lot of new things?

Mark Twain biography quiz has ten questions and answers about the life of this great American writer and author of the stories about the adventures of Tom Sawyer and his friends.

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1. When was Mark Twain's first novel published?

2. How long did Twain live?

3. How many inventions did Mark Twain patent?

4. Which was Mark Twain’s last published novel?

5. What year did Twain found his own publishing company?

6. What is the most amount of cats Mark Twain has owned at one time?

7. Which person did Twain hang with most often?

8. What year did Thomas Edison film Mark Twain?

9. How long did Twain spend with a Confederate militia when the Civil War began?

10. What was Mark Twain’s natural hair color before it turned white?