Matt Groening Quiz: questions and answers

Matt Groening Quiz: questions and answers
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Matt Groening is an American cartoonist who created The Simpsons and Futurama. Play the quiz and check your knowledge about this man.

Matt Groening quiz consists of ten interesting multiple-choice questions and answers to test yourself.

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1. When was Matt Groening born?

2. What is the full name of Matt Groening?

3. What is Groening's profession?

4. How many 'Primetime Emmy Awards' has Groening won?

5. Where was Groening born?

6. Who did Groening want to become moving to Los Angeles in 1977?

7. In which year did Matt Groening marry Agustina Picasso?

8. For which video game character did Matt Groening give his voice?

9. Which award did he get for outstanding contribution to comedy in 2004?

10. How many times has Groening been nominated for Emmy Awards?