Maya civilization Quiz: questions and answers

Maya civilization Quiz: questions and answers
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1. One of the oldest Maya cities was built about 1,800 years ago and had a population of about 50,000. What is the name of this city?

2. What is a culture that has developed complex systems of government, education, and religion called?

3. How many principal periods is the history of the Maya civilization divided into?

4. When had the preclassic period started?

5. When had the postclassic period ended?

6. What is believed to have caused the end of the Maya civilization?

7. The Maya's invention of the idea of which number helped to keep their calendar accurate?

8. What was their Mayan main source of food?

9. What did the Maya build that were hundreds of feet tall and they were one of the first in the Western Hemisphere to do so?

10. In what year did the Maya build the last of their monuments?