Michael Jackson Quiz: questions and answers

Michael Jackson Quiz: questions and answers
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Michael Jackson is a very significant person in the world of music. He was fairly called the "King of pop" for all that he made for pop music.

Michael Jackson quiz includes 10 questions and answers about the life and success of this legend.

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1. What was the first music video that Friday Night Videos played?

2. What was the middle name of the Michael Jackson?

3. What age did Michael Jackson die?

4. When did Michael and Madonna attend the Academy Awards together?

5. Which Jackson's song did Katarina Witt skated to at the 1988 Winter Olympics?

6. In which year Michael Jackson made his professional debut?

7. Who awarded Michael Jackson with an award and a cake on his 44th Birthday?

8. What was Michael Jackson blamed for by his neighbor?

9. When did Michael Jackson start his solo career?

10. How many children did Michael Jackson have?