Milky Way Quiz: questions and answers

Milky Way Quiz: questions and answers
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Milky Way is a galaxy that contains the Solar System. Play the quiz and check what do you know about this galaxy.

Milky Way quiz includes 10 questions and answers about to test your knowledge of the topic.

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1. What is the shape of Milky Way?

2. The nuclear bulge in the Milky Way has the highest density of ______

3. What is the age of the Milky Way?

4. What does the galactic disk in the Milky Way have?

5. How long does it take for Sun to orbit the Milky Way galaxy?

6. On which arm of the Milky Way is Earth located?

7. When did Galileo use a telescope to prove that the Milky Way was made of numerous faint stars?

8. What makes up the bulk of Milky Way?

9. How many galaxies are part of a local group?

10. Which model of the Milky Way galaxy did William Herschel develop?