Monster Energy Quiz: questions and answers

Monster Energy Quiz: questions and answers
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1. When was Monster Energy drink first introduced?

2. Monster Energy drink logo is composed of which vibrant large green letter?

3. Which famous mixed martial arts champion renewed his sponsorship with Monster in 2017?

4. How many different drinks are there under the Monster brand in North America?

5. Monster Energy drinks mostly come in 16 oz size cans, which contain how much mg of caffeine?

6. Warning labels on Monster Energy drinks advise consumers not to drink more than how much oz. per day?

7. Which American hip-hop/rock band sued Monster Energy in 2012 for copyright infringement and won that case?

8. What is Monster Energy slogan?

9. Monster Energy broke into eSports by sponsoring which team?

10. How many calories does one 16 oz Monster Energy drink contain?