Mother’s Day Quiz: questions and answers

Mother’s Day Quiz: questions and answers
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Mother’s Day is an international holiday honoring mothers and motherhood. Different countries celebrate this holiday on different dates.

Mother’s Day quiz includes several multiple-choice questions and answers about the date.

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1. Mother's Day celebration began in which country?

2. Mother's Day was initiated by:

3. Mother's Day is celebrated every second Sunday of February in which country?

4. When did Jarvis protest at a Candy Marker's Convention in Philadelphia?

5. When was the first Mother's Day celebrated?

6. When did the campaign to make Mother's day a recognized holiday in the US begin?

7. When was Mother's Day International Association created?

8. Where is the Mother's Day celebrated every 3rd of March?

9. "Mothering Service" is referred to as "Mother's day" in which country?

10. When did Jarvis protest at a meeting of American War Mothers?