Nazareth Quiz: questions and answers

Nazareth Quiz: questions and answers
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Nazareth is an Israeli city which is the third important city in the Christian religion. It is thought that Jesus Christ spent his childhood and youth in this city.

Nazareth quiz includes several questions and answers about the history and culture of this city.

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1. When was Nazareth founded?

2. Who is the Mayor of the Nazareth city?

3. What is the Hebrew word for Nazareth?

4. What was the population of Nazareth in 2017?

5. What was the Greek word for Nazareth?

6. What is the Arabic name of Nazareth?

7. When did the Crusader Tancred establish his capital in Nazareth?

8. Which one is the oldest mosque in Nazareth?

9. Which one is the main football club of Nazareth?

10. What is the other name of The Nazareth Hospital?