Nelson Mandela Quiz: questions and answers

Nelson Mandela Quiz: questions and answers
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Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest politicians in the history of South Africa. He was the most famous human rights activist during the time of Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela quiz contains interesting questions and multiple choice answers to test your knowledge of this politicians' biography.

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1. Who was Nelson Mandela?

2. When has he been serving as President of South Africa?

3. How many years has Mandela spent in prison?

4. When was Nelson Mandela born?

5. What does "Umkhonto we Sizwe" mean?

6. When did the Rivonia Trial begin?

7. What is the name of the political party Nelson Mandela belonged to?

8. When did Mandela publish "Long Walk to Freedom"?

9. What was one of the biggest problems that South Africa had during Mandela's government?

10. What was the cause of Mandela's death?