New Zealand Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

New Zealand Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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New Zealand is the country located in the Southern Hemisphere near thу Australian Continent. Its beautiful nature attracts millions of people to visit this unique country.

The New Zealand Quiz includes 10 multiple choice trivia questions with answers related to the stated topic.

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1. What is the capital of New Zealand?

2. How many main islands is New Zealand located on?

3. Who was the first to explore the land of New Zealand in 1642?

4. What is the largest city in New Zealand?

5. How many rivers flow through the territory of the North and South islands together?

6. What is the longest river in New Zealand?

7. When did New Zealand gain independence from Great Britain?

8. Which bird is the symbol of New Zealand?

9. Which of the following movie directors was born in New Zealand?

10. Which language is not one of the official languages of New Zealand?