Nutmeg Quiz: questions and answers

Nutmeg Quiz: questions and answers
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Nutmeg is a spice made of seeds of the fragrant nutmeg by grinding it to powder. It is very popular in Oriental cuisines.

Nutmeg quiz contains some interesting questions with answers about the topic.

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1. What is nutmeg seed commonly used as?

2. Which type of food can be made of nutmegs?

3. For how long should nutmegs be dried before consuming?

4. What is the size of nutmeg?

5. Where is the fragrant nutmeg cultivated?

6. When does the first harvest of nutmeg happen after planting?

7. In Indonesian cuisine, nutmeg is widely used for cooking _____

8. Which popular spice mix contains a little amount of nutmeg?

9. Which part of the nutmeg is used for making jams and candies?

10. In medieval times it was believed that the nutmeg can prevent _____