Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Quiz: questions and answers

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Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Quiz: questions and answers
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Do you like mystery stories about ancient pirates? The Pirate of Caribbean movie series tells the thrilling and funny story of a Jack Sparrow's life and adventures.

Pirates of the Caribbean movie quiz consists of 10 questions about the plot of all parts of this spectacular series.

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1. What did Depp seriously changed in his look for the role of Jack Sparrow?

2. What was the common disease on the set?

3. When was the first movie of the series released?

4. What was the series inspired by?

5. How many bullets did Jack Sparrow have at the time he was left alone on a desert island?

6. What is the name of Jack Sparrow's ship?

7. Whose blood did pirates need to break the curse?

8. Where does the royal family of Elizabeth Swann live and rule?

9. What is Will Turner father’s nickname?

10. In how many Pirates of Carribean movies did Kiera Knightley star?