The Little Mermaid Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

The Little Mermaid Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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How well do you know this magical and sad love story? Let's check your knowledge by playing the quiz!

The Little Mermaid Quiz multiple choice trivia questions with answers will help you to revise your knowledge on the plot of the fairy tale. 

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1. Where did the Little Mermaid live with her sisters, father, and grandmother?

2. Who rules the palace of the Sea King?

3. Who are the birds of the underwater world in the fairy tale?

4. At what age are the mermaids allowed to float to the water surface for the first time?

5. What did the youngest of the mermaids see when floated to the surface for the first time?

6. How can the Little Mermaid get an immortal soul?

7. Who saved the drowning Prince?

8. Who did the Little Mermaid ask to give her feet instead of a tail?

9. What was the fee for the ability to walk the Earth?

10. What will happen to the little mermaid if the Prince doesn’t marry her?