China Quiz: Trivia Questions and answers

China Quiz: Trivia Questions and answers
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China is the biggest Asian country not only due to its territory but also due to its population. China is a very important country for the world economy because of the fact, that most of the everyday use items are produced in the Middle Kingdom. 

The China Quiz includes 10 curious multiple choice trivia questions with answers that will help you to check your knowledge of this beautiful country.

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1. Where is China located?

2. What is the number of China's population?

3. Which nickname was China given to due to its world's biggest export?

4. Who was the first to discover China for the Europeans?

5. What is the political system of China?

6. What is the most popular last name in China?

7. What was invented in China?

8. Which color symbolizes happiness for the Chinese people?

9. When did the current national flag of China appear?

10. When did China host the Olympic Games?