Cities of The USA Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Cities of The USA Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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What do you know about famous American cities? Test your brain and check the knowledge about USA geography.

The Cities of the USA Quiz has 10 multiple choice trivia questions with answers related to this topic. How many correct answers will you give?

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1. In which city was the U.S. President Kennedy killed in 1963?

2. Where is the headquarters of the famous American space agency NASA located?

3. Where is the headquarters of the UN?

4. Which city is considered the automobile capital of the country?

5. Which city's name is translated from the Ancient Greek language as "brotherly love"?

6. Where was the famous Declaration of Independence of the United States signed in 1776?

7. Near which city is the world’s famous Alcatraz prison located?

8. For which city's team did the world’s famous basketball player Michael Jordan play?

9. Which city is known as the world’s capital of gambling and casinos?

10. Where is Harvard University located?