The War of the Worlds Quiz: questions and answers

The War of the Worlds Quiz: questions and answers
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What do you know about one of the most fascinating novels written by Herbert Wells? The novel tells the story of a great confrontation between Earthlings and Martians. 

The War of the Worlds Quiz consists of 10 interesting questions about the plot of the novel.

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1. What did the astronomers observe on the Planet's surface during the confrontation between the Earth and the Mars?

2. What did the fact that Martians were not adapted to the life on Earth lead to?

3. Which civilization gave birth to the Martians?

4. What did the Martians eat?

5. What were the artillery batteries aimed at the Martians destroyed by?

6. How many narrators are there in the novel?

7. Where did the artilleryman which was left behind his unit want to hide?

8. How many hours per day can Martian work?

9. What is the main organ in the Martian’s organism?

10. Why did the narrator abandon the artilleryman who wanted to dig a path into the sewerage?